Spectrum Practice of Berkeley

Our therapists at Spectrum Practice are a team of professionals with extensive experience providing individual, family, and couple's counseling, life coaching, and neuropsychological assessments.

We are a diverse group of practitioners, committed to providing thoughtful and competent services designed to meet your needs.  ​

Why Therapy and Why Now?

Most people reach out to us because their distress is becoming a problem in their daily life. Perhaps you don't have someone to speak with about your innermost concerns; perhaps you do, but are worried that you are becoming a burden to your loved ones and friends.

Maybe you are feeling stuck, as though you are working so hard toward your goals but don't seem to be making progress. Perhaps you and a loved one are experiencing problems with communication and you are worried about your relationship.

Therapy can be an opportunity to take some time to reflect and make time for yourself or you and a partner. It can give you time to determine a path toward being a happier and healthier person. A professional therapist can provide the guidance and non-judgmental space for this very important work.

Services We Provide


For Individuals:

We work with teens, and adults of all ages wanting to address their depression, anxiety, and stress.

For Families and Couples:

We provide services for those in traditional relationships and open multi-partner relationships.

We have specialists that work with Transgender/Gender Expansive individuals, folks experiencing challenges related to Sexual Orientation, and those living on the Autism Spectrum.

We are also adept at providing support for individuals with Learning Disorders, problems with attention, and managing disabilities and chronic pain.

Evaluation Services

Our evaluation services include both psychological assessment and neuropsychological testing.

  • Psychological testing is most often requested by other providers to help determine a (more) effective treatment plan.
  • Individuals may also request an evaluation to clarify the cause of personal struggles. Psychological evaluation is most often requested by parents to determine whether their child or young adult qualifies for assistance in school or college and adults experiencing difficulty either academically or on the job and wondering about possible services or treatment.
  • We assist with identifying learning disorders (mathematics, reading, and written communication), processing issues, autism, and the residual effects of brain trauma.
  • If eligible, we can also provide reports to request accommodations for qualifying tests such as the MCAT, LSAT, GRE, SAT/ACT, Bar Exams, and other licensing examinations.

I've decided to take charge and move forward. ​What now?

Getting started

​Call 510-841-1100 or use our contact page to set up an appointment with the next available provider.

Our front office staff can arrange your first appointment and arrange for an initial consultation with your provider to answer any questions you might have.

​After we have some initial information we will send you an intake form and some documents to complete prior to your first appointment to allow efficient use of your first session.

Our Team

Leon Hopkins, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Kate Jones, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Elizabeth Aranda, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

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Yi Du, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

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Chav Doherty, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Jay Williams, LCSW

Therapist/Life Coach

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Larry Stone, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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