Autism Spectrum
Berkeley, CA

Whether in college, working, or just living in the world…

do you struggle with needing to be perfect, depression and/or anxiety, and the need to improve your social interaction? Do you wonder how you can meet your needs while not damaging relationships that matter to you, improve your self-confidence, and understand your diagnosis? Therapy can be an excellent first step to creating a more positive life.

You may be feeling confused about how other people think and behave, and feel pressured to do things the same way they do. You may feel a lot of expectations to do things a certain way at school, home, or work, or with family, and feel constricted when your approach is criticized. You may be able to interact with others but later feel completely burnt out.

​One of the great things about getting older and becoming an adult is that you can choose what you want out of life. Sometimes, however, figuring out how to get what you want and clarifying your direction can be hard, and maybe overwhelming.  You may also have choices to make in your life right now and don’t know how to make these choices.

At Spectrum Practice we understand how to help you figure out your opportunities and how to reach your objective.  We can also help you develop skills for making choices in the future so that doing the things you want to do comes more easily for you.  Though we can’t eliminate challenges, you can learn skills that will allow you to approach them with more confidence.

We offer Individual Therapy and Family/Couples Therapy with professionals’ adept with folks on the Spectrum.

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