Jay Williams, LCSW

Therapist/Life Coach

LCSW 76469

Jay is a Psychotherapist, and Holistic Life Coach who will work intuitively and collaboratively with you, drawing on a wide range of models including: harm reduction, motivational interviewing, goal-oriented counseling, and active listening, integrated within a social justice framework.

​Specialties and Expertise:

Adults on the Autism Spectrum, Artists, ADD/ADHD, Art Practice Support, Building Self-Esteem, Disability, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Health at Every Size (HAES), Body Positivity, Mind-Body Connection, Radical Embodiment, Students & Academics: including Graduate & Law Students and Students or Professionals preparing for High Stakes Testing.

Jay is an LCSW therapist, who works with individuals from adolescents to elders. While he enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds, he has focused particularly on working with queer and trans individuals, POC communities, those on autism spectrum, and people with disabilities.

Jay loves getting to work with groups and individuals, and having the opportunity to support clients in moving towards emotional, social, and life goals.

Jay has years of experience in integrative client-centered therapy, and draws upon multiple therapeutic models including: psychodynamic, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, seeking safety, and trauma aware treatment.

Particular Interest:

Autism Spectrum, with Disabilities/Differently Abled, in gender transition and across LGBTQQI lifespans, clients coping with major life transitions. Modalities and Clinical Values: Feminist Psychotherapy from a Social Justice Stance, Disability Empowerment Focus, Fat positive- HAES (Health At Every Size) lens around eating, movement, and body acceptance.


Jay Williams, LCSW

Therapist/Life Coach
Phone: 510-545-2076
Email: [email protected]
Website (coming soon): www.twotreecounseling.com